Snake tail' Spiralocks

Snake tails for your dreads. All those dreadpet left over fabric has been used up to make these cute 30cm length snake tail spiralocks.
Choose your colour:
Silver or green.

Limited edition.

Orders can take 2-3 weeks to arrive internationally.

SpiraLocks are the most simple, effective, safe, ethical and funkiest tie you will ever use in your locks!

Please choose your size,
30cm for non dreaded thick or Curly hair, or half dread updos.
40cm for new, thin and short dreads
50cm for medium dreads
60cm for thick, long and mature dreads.
80cm for thick, long and nature dreads and dread buns.

The SpiraLock should wrap around the dreads 2.5 times for a good secure hold so be sure to measure before ordering.

All our Vegan SpiraLocks are now handmade by the beautiful women from the remote Village of Gunu on Naviti Island..about 6 hour boat ride from the mainland of Fiji.
These women’s lives has been transformed since becoming part of the SpiraLock team. Before we introduced them to SpiraLocks, their days were spent arduously diving for seaweed for hours a day to make little money to cover the costs of her families basic living needs. Now that the women make Spiralocks for us, and are able to stitch comfortably in her little huts, they are becoming empowered to buy things they once could never afford such clothing, shoes, school fees, a mobile phone to connect them to the world, even a brand new gas oven which one of our ladies managed to pay off in 3 months. They are so happy to be stitching these beautiful creations for you all and can’t believe their handmade SpiraLocks are being worn around the world. Thank you for supporting us to support these women in Gunu.

The SpiraLock is made using an inner bendable wire core which can easily be wrapped around any size dreads comfortably and securely. They cause no damage to your dreads and hold firm all day without causing tension headaches from pulling. When not in use, they can double as a simple bangle for easy reach.

Originally created in 2011, SpiraLocks are the Original bendable wire dread tie.

The original design evolved by Peta and Helen, two busy at home dreadlocked Mothers around the kitchen table after discussing the difficulties of trying to tie up their own thick and long dreads. After many months of research, trials and evolving designs, SpiraLocks was created and has since blossomed and now expanded into the village of Gunu empowering over 10 underpriviledged women and their families!

Check out more of our creations, past and present on Facebook where we have showcased our designs since we first came up with the idea of this extremely popular and very practical dreadlock hair tie we call Spiralocks.

Also check out our website for more details:
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