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We just love the new botanica range of Spiralocks and how perfectly they pair with the new basic solids. Choose your matching set to receive 20% off at check out.

The Original Bendable Dread tie

Described as a 'Game Changer'  and 'A must for anyone with dreadlocks' by customers across the world, with over 3000+ 5 star reveiws on etsy and almost 20000 sales this is the only tie you will ever use for your dreadlocks. Made using an inner bendable wire core to easily, safely and securely wrap around any size dreads without causing tension headaches or damage to your locks. Do not continue to struggle with regular elastic that can cause your dreadlocks to thin and break. Do yourself and your dreadlocks a favour and get a spiralock. 

hand made in Gunu village

Spiralocks are ethically made by underprivileged women living in the remote village of Gunu, situated on the outer islands of Fiji. 

Every spiralock purchase directly employs these women giving them a brighter future and support for their entire families. 

Read their personal stories to hear how spiralocks have already impacted their lives so far.  

Come join us!

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