Warranty and Refund policy

All care is taken to ensure you have received the best possible product we can offer, though beyond my control, there may be some isolated exceptions to our high standards.

If for any reason the workmanship, (referring to the fabric used on the outer part of the spiralock) tears or the hand stitching breaks, a replacement will be resent. The workmanship of the spiralock is guaranteed for its life. Evidence of the fault will be required via a photo.

The inner wire used in our spiralock is of the highest quality available. The life of the spiralock is dictated by the length of time the wire lasts. We do expect the wire to last at least 6 months of regular use from date of purchase. Most of our customers will enjoy more than a year of constant enjoyment from their spiralock, even reporting up to 3 years of use.  On rare occasions a roll of wire may contain an undetectable 'weak' spot, causing premature breakage. If a spiralock wire breaks within 6 months from date of purchase, only after correct usage and care, a replacement will be resent.

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