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Spiralocks began as a simple idea between a couple of friends, Peta and Helen, back in 2011. We had just started our own dread journeys and found nothing suitable or comfortable to tie up our new long locks. We started experimenting around the kitchen table with some wire and wool. That is how the very first  'spiralock' was invented. This simple idea which was originally created just for our own personal use, became such a 'game changer' for us, that we realised we needed to share Spiralocks with the world. 

Spiralocks has evolved beyond anything we could have imagined and just keeps on growing. Our  passion has always been to perfect our product to the best possible standard for our customers, but supporting underprivileged women has now become just as important. With the growth in popularity over the years, the work load was beyond the capabilities of Helen and myself. Choosing to expand production in an ethical and supportive way was one of the biggest challenges of my life, but has been worth every obstacle and hardship now as I see the difference Spiralocks has made to the ladies we support in the remote and impoverished village of Gunu on the outer islands in Fiji.  Read their stories below.    


My name is Camari Muailasekula,I am 39 years old and I live with my husband and 5 kids. In my family I'm the only one looking after my family because my husband had a stroke almost 10 years ago.

I was working in the garment factory to support my family but the wages I received was not enough to feed my family and also to pay rent and bills. Sometimes we had no power because I couldn't afford to pay, sometimes I didn't send my children to school because there was not enough food for their lunch but I am blessed. When I joined SpiraLocks all the burden went away. SpiraLocks gives me everything I want. I can pay my rent, pay bills on time, kids are going to school every day, husband is going for massage when he needs it which we have to pay $100/hour for. With SpiraLocks I bought some stuff for the house like fridge, oven and cupboard and now we are planning to buy a piece of land to build a house and move there. I know with Spiralocks we can achieve that. Thank you Spiralocks. Spiralocks really help us a lot.


My name is Senikaile Cola. I'm 36 years old. Im from Waya Island. I have a Gunu husband and have lived in Gunu now for about 13 years. I live with my husband, my two sons and my mother in law.

When I came to Gunu in 2006 I started to pick seaweed to support my family. Every week I pick seaweed to get $80.00 a bag. In that $80.00 I spent it on flour, rice, sugar and other small things for my family needs.

In 2017 Peta came to Gunu to teach SpiraLocks, so I decided to make SpiraLocks. I now get much more money to support my family. I even make extension on our house for a kitchen with SpiraLock money. I do no more picking seaweed!!


I am Vani Rauga. I am 41 years old and I live with my extended family.  I have 5 children and two grandsons. Before I was diving for seaweed every week. I used  to swim to pick up sea weed for 7 or 8 hours a day in the sea to collect them to make one bag to sell to the mainland. I take 3 days to collect 1 bag to sell.  

I struggle to find our families needs to buy flour, rice, sugar etc. But now I got good work that I now not get no more seaweed again.  No more 7 or 8 hours in the sea again.

When I make SpiraLocks it's a big help in my family and I can buy whatever I want. Not like before. I buy a new gas oven. I buy a good phone. I am very very lucky to have this work. Thank you!


I am 21, I have a family, my husband, 22 and my son is 2 years old. Before we used to live together as a big extended family with my mother in law and my sister in law and her family, all in one small house. We all eat together and at that time my mother in law supported us all by collecting seaweed to sell to buy all our food.

Now we all still staying together but I have a new kitchen that I was able to buy myself through SpiraLocks. My husband, before he used to dive for fish to sell so that we can live. Now sometimes he goes to work and sometimes he doesn't, because my SpiraLock pay is double, even triple his pay. 

Lastly our church offering is about to held. Me and my husband should give $500, that's $250 each! My husband couldn't afford this but thanks to SpiraLocks that sum of money $500, is in my purse right now. I can now pay carpenters to build my family our own house.  All from SpiraLock money.


I'm 24 years of age and I'm living with my husband and my one and only son. Before SpiraLocks my husband was diving ,that is the only source of income we have and we always have to buy our food, clothes and everything we need. He doesn't have much money because he have one hand. It was eaten by a shark.

I am very thankful of a good job that is SpiraLocks. Now  today we buy anything we want, especially our food, clothes, phone and many more things. We always earn a lot of money in work for SpiraLocks.


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