What is a Spiralock?

Spiralocks are the most effective, safe and comfortable way to tie up your locks.  Spiralocks are ethically made using an inner bendable wire core which easily wrap around any size dreadlocks for a comfortable and secure all day hold. Unlike regular elastic ties which are difficult to use and can cause hair breakage and tension headaches, spiralocks are easy to install, gentle on locks and hold secure without pulling for an all day firm hold. Spiralocks are highly recommended by dreadloctitions around the world as the best way to tie up your locks. When not in use, spiralocks can be worn as a beautiful bracelet within easy reach for a quick up do.

What is a Spiralock made of?

The spiralock is made using an inner wire core which is covered in cotton material and other fibres.

How is a Spiralock made?

All the vegan spiralocks are ethically hand made by underprivileged women in Gunu village on the remote outer islands of Fiji. On some occasions a custom spiralock will be made by Peta and Helen. 

How was the Spiralock invented?

Spiralocks was originally created in 2011 by Peta and Helen. The idea of the first bendable dreadlock hair tie was devised from our kitchen table after long discussions over the difficulty of tying up our  own long, thick dreadlocks. After many months of trials, research and personal use, the term ‘spiralock’ was imagined and the first ‘spiralock’ was born. Helen has continued to specialise in evolving the beautiful felt range of spiralocks which can be purchased through her Etsy shop, while I continue to focus solely on the vegan range through this website.

Why are Spiralocks made in Gunu?

For many years, Peta and Helen hand made each spiralock in their busy homes between raising families. As the popularity of spiralocks exploded, the need to outsource was inevitable. Choosing to expand production in an ethical manner was the main focus. Natural and organic materials used to create each spiralock was always prioritised where possible, so finding fair trade labour was just as important. In late 2017, Peta embarked on a journey to a remote and underprivileged village in the outer islands of Fiji to teach and employ women. 

Now all our vegan spiralocks are handmade by the beautiful women from the remote Village of Gunu on Naviti Island..about 3 hour boat ride from the mainland of Fiji. Our employed women’s lives have been transformed since becoming part of the spiralock team. Before we introduced them to spiralocks, their days were spent arduously diving for seaweed all year round for hours a day to make very little money to just cover the costs of their families basic living needs. Now they can stitch comfortably in their homes and become empowered to buy things they once could never afford such as better nutritional food, schooling fees, a mobile phone to connect them to the world, even household appliances such as gas ovens, fridges and even extensions on their small homes.  They are so happy to be stitching these beautiful creations for you all and can’t believe their handmade spiralocks are being worn around the world.

How much do you pay the ladies in Gunu?

The ladies in Gunu who work for spiralocks are paid per spiralock so they can work as hard or as little as they choose each week. On a full working week, the ladies can make up to 3-5 times the average wage on the mainland. All their working expenses are covered including boat fares to the mainland, all materials, tools and taxi fares to the post office. The ladies are also given cash bonuses, gifts at Christmas time, for children’s birthdays and wedding gifts. With better incomes, the ladies are now able to purchase necessary household appliances and support their children education, as well as a few well deserved indulgences for themselves.

What size should I buy?

Spiralocks come in various sizes to accommodate for all dreadlocks. Having a range of different length spiralocks are useful to accomplish different dreadlock styles.

30cm is our extra short length. Great for pigtails or half updos. Also great for tying up dread hawks. Its a great option for those who have a small amount of dreaded hair to hold secure. Even if you do not have dreadlocks, but have thick, curly or unruly hair, this extra small spiralock will be great for you too.

40cm is our small length. Great for those with new baby dreads that are still short, thin and light. Also great for those with partial dreads or use for space buns and half updos. Also good for light synthetic extensions and for a quick and easy low pony tail.

50cm is our medium length. Great for those with medium length dreadlocks that are a bit heavier and past the shoulders or quite thick. To secure a ponytail on medium length dreadlock, the spiralock needs to wrap at least 2 times.

60cm is our large length. Great for thick, long, heavy dreads mid to lower back. For a secure high pony tail hold on longer and heavy dreads, the spiralock should wrap 2.5 to 3 times for a secure hold. Also a good size for a dread bun for medium length dreads.

80cm is our extra large length. This is our super size spiralock which is needed for those with super long and heavy dreads that are waist length or longer. Also great for big dread buns that need a couple of wraps.

Can I order a custom Spiralock?

Helen specialises in custom felt spiralocks creating a mix of any colour you desire. Helen sells all her felt spiralocks in her Etsy shop, including a listing for a custom choice.

If you prefer a vegan custom spiralock, please send me a message to discuss.

Do you offer International shipping?

Yes. Flat rate $10

How long will a Spiralock last?

Most of our customers are pleased to report that their spiralock has lasted generally about a year of regular use. Some customers have even received up to 3 years of use from their spiralock. As the core of the spiralock is made of wire, constant bending and twisting will eventually cause the wire to break over a long period of time.

The spiralock wire is guaranteed for up to 6 months from purchase date. The fabric used should not break or fray. All care is taken to ensure the fabric used is durable. The spiralock is guaranteed against fabric breakage for the life of the spiralock.

Where can I buy the felt Spiralocks?

Helen is the master of creating felt spiralocks and continues to sell through the original spiralock Etsy shop. Here is the link to Helens felt spiralock shop:


Why do you only offer vegan Spiralocks on the website and not felt as well?

For many years Helen and I have been selling our individual spiralocks, together,  through our Etsy shop. It's been difficult to manage the single shop together and sell individually while living on opposite ends of Australia. We always wanted to expand and launch a website for spiralocks but also wanted to keep the Etsy shop. So Helen and I decided to make things less confusing for customers and easier for ourselves by managing each site individually with our own designs. Both shops are integrated by selling spiralocks, but will be separate by offering unique and individual designs.
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