Botanica Green Apple - add to cart to get 20% off any basic Earthy solid spiralock


Introducing the Botanica range:
Pale apple green with a soft, delicate floral print.
Each spiralock is completely unique and vary in design due to the variation in the fabric pattern.

Limited discount when buying a 'set': 20% off any basic solid spiralock when you add a botanica floral spiralock to your order. 

All spiralocks listed in this shop are vegan.

Refer to the 'Sizing Guide' to find the ideal length for your locks.       

Spiralocks are the most effective, safe and comfortable way to tie up your locks. Spiralocks are ethically made using an inner bendable wire core which easily wrap around any size dreadlocks for a comfortable and secure all day hold.

Unlike regular elastic ties which are difficult to use, can cause hair breakage and tension headaches, spiralocks are easy to install and gentle on your locks.  

Spiralocks are highly recommended by dread heads around the world as the best way to tie your locks.

When not in use, spiralocks can be worn as a beautiful bracelet within easy reach for a quick up do.



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